In pursuit of happiness 2016

The contemporary man cannot keep up with the development of his own civilization. Its achievements grow in terms of quantity and quality thus exceeding the perceptive skills of a normal person. Time becomes the most desired thing. The ideal: uninterrupted activity and availability with less and less time for rest and sleep. In pursuit of happiness and the drive for perfection, we keep rushing ahead and create so many fascinating things at such a pace that we aren’t able to fully take advantage of them.

Literacy or iconization 2015

In the age of the Internet, we feel overwhelmed with information. Sometimes we don’t even read, but just look instead, subconsciously scanning for key words, icons and images.  There has been a shift in the cultural orientation from hearing to seeing. Today, we are facing the iconization of language. We are being bombarded with emoticons and pictograms from all directions.  The Emoji and iConji languages are slowly starting to play the role of lingua franca and an increasing number of texts and even books are being translated into image languages. Will our pace of life and the required increasing pace of information flow thus cause print to be considered obsolete and replaced by image language? Are we going to watch books instead of reading them?