Creating sculptures and installations from objects previously manufactured by people is an additional form of expressing contemporary world to me. What I also find important is the element of destruction and the emergence of completely new meanings from everyday objects, which have become waste after being used. This is the result of my considerations on the contemporary world. What I find important is the very material I create from, which is so pervasive in today’s, increasingly “plastic” world.

As part of the action “Planet or plastic” conducted by National Geographics >> , the aim of which is to reduce the use of disposable plastic, sculpture of a seal was created from plastic waste: bottles, bags, forks, spoons, straws, corks. The sculpture of the seal can be seen in the Poznań Zoo near the seal.

The work System is the result of my considerations on the contemporary world and the place of man as an individual in the current reality. The processed bottles create a structure which may grow infinitely. It is like a “living” body.

In today’s nuclear and genetic world, “reality” is created from miniaturised cells, matrixes and memory units, from software and using these elements, it can be reproduced infinitely.